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staff were notified of his death. he was last seen on tuesday morning but in this parking area off vista point near interstate 280 and highway 92, deputies found ryan's car on wednesday night. the next day, ryan's body was pound in the same general area. investigators wouldn't comment on how ryan died but said that the case is in the hands of the coroner's office. student says they have questions but more importantly, his questions will be missed. >> he had a heart problem. i'm hoping it's something related to that rather than a murder or something like that. >> still trying to figure out what happened, but i've seen a lot of teachers, and everyone is in shock. >> i work for the book room, and the lady, she said that every morning, he would come in and talk to her and no calls or e-mails. he would always come face to face every instead of technology or something like that. >> reporter: the coroner's office would not release any information about the case. we attempted to talk to ryan's
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family, but they declined to comment. next week, the school will pay tribute to ryan. i'm paul chambers, ktvu, channel 2news. hercules police expect contra costa county prosecutors to file murder charges next week against a husband and wife in the death of a retired school teacher. we just received this new video of darnell washington and wife tania in court this afternoon. a judge in king county, washington ordered them held on $3 million bail. 55-year-old susie ko was found stabbed to death a week ago. the murder suspects, police say, were driving ko's subaru when they were arrested near sea-tac airport on wednesday. san jose police are investigating an overnight shooting that is only adding to what many consider an alarming homicide rate. the body of the unidentified victim was found outside a bar on rogers avenue. police are interviewing possible witnesses at the alo bar. a neighboring business owner who didn't want his face shown
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said it sometimes attracts rowdy crowds. >> a messy have to deal with sometimes, but i didn't think it was going to go that far. san jose has been safe overall the last two years. it's gotten worse. >> police do not consider the homicide to be gang rolled. it's the 37th city homicide this year in san jose, a pace that could set a 16-year record. and police announced they may have solved two gang-rolled homicides with the recent arrests of 10 suspects. on machine, police arrested two men in connection with the killing on june 12 of a 17-year- old. last week, officers arrested seven men and a teenager suspected of killing 18-year- old ricky hawkus may 16th. oakland's police chief said that two officers could lose their jobs over actions over it is occupy protest and dozens of others could be disciplined. chief jordan recommended that
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two officers lose their jobs and asked that one be demoted, 15 be suspended, that three accept counseling and training, and that 23 23 others be reprimanded. >> we help our officers to follow the policy of the department. if they don't, we'll hold them accountable. >> each officer has the right to a hearing before being disciplined. and officials say that an arsonist is becoming increasingly brazen. yet another fire set last night bringing the total number of fires to 10 in a two-week time span. dumpsters, trees and a couch set on fire. >> it takes resources away from other significant priority calls and obviously, that's happened every night almost for the last two weeks. >> the small fires are serious but it's because they're so close to homes and businesses.
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anyone with information is asked to call the department's arson tip line. in san francisco, another fire is being investigated after it burned out a popular restaurant. in 10 minutes, how the mayor is promising to help. a decision out today valid pg&e paying more more pipeline improvements and customers paying a lot less. an administrative law judge ruled that pg&e should pay for 2/3 of the pipeline safety program. pg&e asked that the taxpayers pay 90% of the costs. the state public utilities commission must approve the decision before it becomes final. new details tonight in the exvacation effort in the central valley where crews are searching for remains connected to the victims of the speed freak killers. the f.b.i. is taking over the search. we spoke with one victim's
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mother today, and she said when it comes to the sheriff's acts, she is outraged. >> if it was eir child laying out there in that field, i think they would -- their reaction would be a little bit different. >> reporter: sue kaiser wants answers, and she said she is not getting any from the san joaquin county sheriff. her daughter has been missing for more than 20 years, believed to be a victim of the speed freak killers. >> i called sheriff moore, and he talked to me like i was a criminal. he did. he talked to me like i was a criminal. >> reporter: kaiser said that the sheriff's department would not let her see a purse or other items recovered from a well in linden. she thinks they may belong to her daughter. >> if they brought up a purse, let me look at it. can i tell if you it's my daughter's. >> my deepest sympathy to the families of the victims. >> reporter: sheriff moore
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answered your questions today, question that is many victims' families were waiting to have answered. >> what will happen now? will this be more digging? who will be in charge of this? >> at this point, any and all future exvacations will be done by the f.b.i. >> sheriff moore said they will continue the recovery efforts, and when it was asked if mistakes were made in the recovery, he said he would have to wait for the comparison reports to answer that. new at 6:00, a state election manual says proposition 32 is well limiting continues -- contributions that corporations can make to candidates, but critics say there is much more to it than that. >> reporter: the ads from supporters and opponents of proposition 32 have been flooding the airwaves for weeks. >> it gives more power to wall street, big oil. >> big money, special interest don't want the change we need.
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>> reporter: who's right? >> legislators should not be listening to donors but listening to voters. >> it will have no impact on corporate money and no impact on spending by wealthy individuals. >> reporter: john logan, professor of labor todays at sf state said it would have a big impact on unions because of the way it's written, barring them from using payroll deductions for political spending, but logan said that corporations don't raise money for political donations from workers's wages. unions from teachers to nurses, do. >> this is how unions -- overwhelmingly how unions rate their money but not how corporations raise money and spend money in politics. >> reporter: the pacific justice institute said that unions may be more impacted by prop 32 than corporations, but he said that's the point. >> no worker in california should ever be bullied or very don'tations taken out of their
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paycheck to support a candidate they don't agree with. >> reporter: he said union members would be free to make individual contributions to the to the committee. but logan said spending by both groups is already out of balance. according to a study from the non-profit center for investigative reporting, in the last 10 years, business interests spend $700 million, and we asked those who are part of unions and those who weren't for their opinion. did you feel like the union was taking smart political activism that you didn't agree it? >> to be honest, i didn't pay attention. >> i can't support anything that would try to weaken unions in this country. >> reporter: are you part of a union? >> no, i'm not. >> reporter: the legislative april lift's office estimates that the measure f passed, would cost $1 million a year to
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enforce. the obama administration has approved more than 4500 applications for young illegal immigrants to stay in the country. the program is called deferred action for childhood arrivals. people who are approved to get work permits have not rejected any applications. officials are reviewing the fearly 180,000 applications filed since the program was announced this summer. four out of five commissioners at the u.s. federal trade commission believe that an anti-trust case should be brought against google. according to the report from bloomberg, the four commissioners are convinced that google illegally used the dominance of the search market to hurt his rivals. the decision could come in late november or early december. google has repeat leed denied any wrongdoing. workday executives were celebrating an excellent opening day on wall street.
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their ipo raised $637 million. the company provides cloud stoampleg for human resources and finance. workday stock opened at $28 a share and closed at more than $48 a share, a whopping gain. it may be small comfort to drivers, but gas prices in the bay area have fallen although just two cents. triple a says regular gas in oakland has dropped to $4.64. and in san jose, $4.63. san francisco gas is higher at $4.71. for a comparison, gas was going for less than $4 a gallon just a year ago. a piece of san francisco history is weeks away from being taken apart piece by piece. federal, state, and local officials kicked off the final phase to replace the seismically unsafe doyle drive. the $1.4 billion project will replace that with the new presidio parkway. >> we'll see a brand new bridge
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and three new tunnels and a whole new interchange that will bring people into the presidio. >> officials say when completed in 2015, there will be more lanes for the 100,000 drivers that use it is road every day, and they promise construction won't slow the current commute. the baseball playoffs are helping to drive bart to record- breaking ridership. bart rides yesterday topped 430,000, the fifth busiest day ever. tuesday and wednesday were also among the top 10 busiest days for bart, and last saturday, they scored the highest weekend ridership ever. in addition to the playoffs, weekend events drew riders for fleet week and the blue grass festival and an american's cup race. more reports about the potential for apple to reveal an ipad mini. this news comes from bloomberg, reuters, and others, but all are citing unnamed sources. they are estimating the price to be $299. and it may be similar in size to the amazon kindle fire
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tablet. the announcement would come at an apple event on october 23. still waiting to find out who the giants will play in the league championship league, but we know what a lot of fans will be wearing. see the newest and hottest items for the true giants' fan. >> a popular san francisco neighborhood now looks like this. what made this morning's fire so difficult to fight? >> and back at 6:00, the bay area weekend forecast, and we have 80s to talk about. we haven't seen those in a while. when the 80s and even 90s will show up. x@ñññé
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an early-morning fire destroyed a restaurant called squat and gobble, and tonight,
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mayor ed lee is wanting to help it get repaired. >> reporter: frank, damage is estimated to be in the millions of dollars. but take a look at squat and gobble restaurant. it's a total loss. late there afternoon, mayor ed lee toured the devastation left by this morning's fire and offered help with streamlining permits that the owners will need to rebuild. the fire broke out early this morning and flames shot out of the popular restaurant with more than 100 firefighters responding. it took four hours to contain it and another six hours to put it out. >> it was deeply routed. the angle of the building was challenging, too. >> reporter: fire officials say there are no indications that the fire was deliberately set. three firefighters suffered minor injuries and it forced muny to cut down the three major lines and commuters had to take buses. the owner of the squat and gobble is out of the country,
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and the restaurant is fairly well known. >> he takes care of them, and he is up to code. >> i don't know what i'm going to do. there is nothing quite like it on west portal. >> reporter: a newly renovated wine bart and an orthodontist's office were also destroyed. >> it's overwhelming. i got to go upstairs. it's pretty unbelievable. >> reporter: and we're back live and work crews are boarding up windows, and firefighters plan to be out here through the night in case of flare ups. reporting live in san francisco, rob roth, ktvu, channel 2news. in the south bay, the cause of a house fire that sent two people to the hospital is under investigation. the fire on carlton avenue broke out before 4:00 this morning, and a neighbor said he heard popping noises and was told there was live ammunition in the house. >> we consulted with the san jose police department who was on scene. the biggest issue is when the ammunition went off that the shell casings would become a
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projectile. >> they were forced to fight the fire with what they call a surround and drown tactic. peaks in lake tahoe are already seeing the first snowfall of the season. take a look at the photos sent by heavenly ski resort. there is enough snow to make a tiny snowman. they moved through the reno- tahoe region leaving up to an inch of snow, but it's expected to warm up there this weekend. in so you were california, this funnel cloud was spotted above the shores of seal beach. you can see the waterspout over the ocean as it approaches the shore there. there were no reports of damage, but the weather weather service issued a significant weather advisory for the postal area. and that's the weather that we had yesterday with the veer weather in the morgan hill area and that same system moving through southern california. live stormtracker 2 showing one access now, the one that gave
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us the severe warning yesterday and here comes this weak weather system to the north and will increase the clouds tonight and bring a slight chance of drizzle, kind of like today. temperatures today on the cool side with lots of of mid and low 60s and temperatures tomorrow coming up, temperatures on sunday, warmer still. this is a very active satellite pattern if you look at what's going on. the escapes are -- seasons are changing and days are getting shorter, and when they do, the jet stream starts to drop south and marks the beginning of winter. i'm to the saying it's the beginning of winter but a very active pacific and active period with clouds and rain, and it will be interesting to see how this pans out. and going into the weekend warm, and next week, warmer still. we have a fall-like weekend with temperatures in the 70s and low 80s and as we get into the -- as we get into sunday, it will be warmer still with the temperature, 48 in santa rosa, and 52 in vallejo and 53
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in concord, and this high pressure center will set up firmer than it has and temperatures will increase and be 10 degrees warmer inland and 8 degrees warmer around the bay and 5 degrees at the coast. fog will not be an, patches of it and fog, you know, it will go away quickly, so 8:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, a little bit of fog and a little bit of high clouds and maybe even valley fog in the inland valleys and in the afternoon, it warms up and clears out, and there is saturday. so mostly sunny. sunday, warmer still and don't have any clouds any part of the day on sunday. and 76 in livermore. 77 in pleasanton. 76 in morgan hill and 75 in gilroy and the forecast along the peninsula, 64 in daly city. the weekend in view because the weekend is here and glad to say that, and it will be a nice one
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especially sunday. the fire danger will bump up wednesday with a 90-degree reading. >> what a difference compared to this week. >> yeah. the last couple days, yeah. >> good stuff. thank you, bill. coming up on bay area news at 7:00 on tv 36, continuing coverage of today's surprise disciplinary recommendation for oakland police officers and their actions during the chaotic occupy protests. why some are questioning the severity. and a shuttle launch of a totally different kind in southern california. we're tracking the slow and steady progress. join us at 7:00 on tv 36. our high school football game of the week takes us to the peninsula. cupertino remines undefeated while fremont tries to change that. measures... measure up. money to our schools. "misleading." out here. it. but there's hope. straight to our schools... keeps it there. politicians.
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>> i think that you feel the spirit and vibe from everyone around you and being so close to the stadium, you feel like you are part of the full experience. >> if washington beats st. louis tonight, the national league championship series starts on sunday. if st. louis wins, the series starts in san francisco on sunday. you can watch the national league championship series starting on sunday at 5:00 on ktvu. we'll have all the gapes and the world series. >> oh, this is gonna be good stuff. it's friday night and that means it's our high school game of the week. >> cupertino high is hosting sunnyvale. hi, fred. >> reporter: it's been 1993 since cupertino started 6-0 in high school football, and this is the guy leading them, and chris, this is only your third
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year. you changed the culture here in just three years. how do you do that? >> first off, start by asking everyone to play. we have a diverse campus and need to go out and reach every corner of the campus. >> reporter: it took time. what did you make -- how did you make believers out of some of those people? not only the families but just the community? >> i didn't leave. you know, 1-9 the first year and it would have been easy to tuck my tail and go, but i've been here for my third year. i'm not going anywhere. >> reporter: you are saying you're 6-0, but tonight's game is the first reality check of the season? >> correct. fremont is a very good team and very fast and big, and we played teams last year that beat us, but we got by them, and here they are. a good test tonight for sure. >> reporter: you talk about the losses in the last couple years under your tutelage, but it's reenforcing to see the kids win
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games and how it changes their perspective about themselves even. >> absolutely, our kids are great and it shows in the classroom and community, and our gpa is well over 3. 0. >> reporter: and fremont of sunnyvale, they come in with a great running back, but you might be able to finally show off some of your passing on the team. you win so much that you run the ball so much, and maybe we'll see passing by you guys tonight. >> sounds good. let's open it up. as a former quarterback, i like to see it in the air, and we have good receivers to show what they got. >> reporter: this is one of the game that is might be a measuring stick for the program here at cupertino, and. , fremont and sunnyvale. they come in with the upset in mind, and we'll have highlights with mark ibanez on the 10:00 news. fred inglis, ktvu ktvu channel
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2 news. coming up on the 10:00 news tonight, a major change to phone numbers in santa clara county. >> and as always, thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2news.
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